The following studies have been approved to use CHARTER resources, and may be ongoing or completed.

Principal Investigators Site Project Title Approval Date
Mariana Cherner UCSD Neurocognitive Consequences of IL6 Modulation by Marijuana 12/10/2014
Lance Bauer University of CT School of Medicine Prediction of ART Non-Adherence: A Candidate Gene Analysis 12/2/2014
Zhixin Zhang University of Nebraska Medical Center Anti-NMDAR Antibodies in HIV Patients Contribute to Neurocognitive Disorders 11/26/2014
Andrea Calcagno University of Torino Abacavir and Lamivudine Exposure in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of HIV-positive Patients: Impact Once-daily versus Twice-daily Administration 11/24/2014
Italo Mochetti Georgetown University Medical Center Allele Polymorphism in TrkB in Association with HIV-mediated Depression. 11/4/2014
Fred Sattler/Allen McCutchan USC/UCSD Relationship of NCI and Metabolic Variables by Sex and Obesity 9/10/2014
Todd Hulgan Vanderbilt University Supplemental Project: Iron and Mitochondrial Genomics in Neuro-inflammation and HAND: A CHARTER Study 8/15/2014
Mario Bianchet Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Genetic Association between Antioxidant-Response Defects and HAND 3/14/2014
Gabriel Wagner UCSD HIV Dual Infection and Neurocognitive Impairment 12/4/2013
Mariana Cherner UCSD Genetics of Methamphetamine Metabolism and Cognitive Impairment in HIV 8/22/2013
Fred Sattler/Allen McCutchan USC/UCSD Role of Central Obesity and Inflammation in the Pathogenesis in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) in Patients on Successful ART: A Concept Proposal to Generate Data for an RO1 Application 8/20/2013
Maria Marquine UCSD Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV-infected Hispanics 8/20/2013
Edward Hammond Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Supplement - Cytokines and Chemokines Mediating Depression and Dementia in HIV 8/6/2013
John Keltner/David Miller/Colm Connolly/Michael Lee UCSD/PA Dept Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/UCSF/Oxford University Pain Relief Unit Machine Learning and Voxel Based Morphometric Analyses of Multi-modal Neuroimaging of HIV Distal Neuropathic Pain 6/6/2013
Ahson Ghias UCSD Association of Vascular and Metabolic Risk Factors with Neurocognitive Decline in HIV Patients 5/15/2013
Marie-Josee Brouillette McGill University Health Centre Development of Risk index for Congnitive Decline 5/15/2013
Emily Trepasso Grullon California School of Professional Psychology Neuropsychological Functioning, Depression, and Vocational Performance Among a Sample of HIV-Positive Individuals 3/12/2013
Howard Fox U Nebraska Med Ctr Methylome in HIV infection - Signs of Accelerated Aging 3/3/2013
Kamel Khalili Temple University Identification of Biomarkers for HAND 2/8/2013
Suzi Hong UCSD Association Between Blood Pressure and Neurocognitive Function in HIV+ individuals 1/31/2013
Magnus Gisslen U of Gothenburg Signs of Axonal Injury in HIV-infected Subjects on Suppressive Antiretroviral Treatment with ANI/MND 1/7/2013
Fred Sattler USC Role of Central Obesity and Inflammation in the Pathogenesis in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) in Patients on Successful ART: A Concept Proposal to Generate Data for an RO1 Application 9/6/2012
Asha Kallianpur Cleveland Clinic Foundation Genetic Associations with Quantitative Structural and Metabolite Neuroimaging Endophenotypes in CHARTER 7/23/2012
Benedict Michael Institute of Infection & Global Health Identification and Validation of Diagnostic and Prognostic Matrices of Clinical Features and Cerebrospinal Fluid and Serum Biomarkers for HIV Associated Neurocognitive Impairment 7/23/2012
Andrea Hobkirk U of Albany Does Depression Create Impairment Via Immune Function? 4/20/2012
Namandje  Bumpus JHU Evaluation of the Correlation between Efavirenz Neurotoxicity and Efavirenz Metabolite Concentrations in CSF and Plasma 4/16/2012
Farrah Jasmine Mateen JHU Telomere Length as a Putative Biomarker of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Cognitive Impairment 4/1/2012
Ignacio Perez-Valero UCSD Neurocognitive Evolution of HIV-suppressed Participants Effectively Treated with a NNRTI-based or a PI-based Conventional HAART 3/21/2012
Sanjay Mehta UCSD Relationship of Mitochondrial Haplotype and HAND 3/21/2012
Jonathan Ipser UCSD Investigating Age and Cognitive Reserve as Moderators of the Association between HIV-associated Neurocognitive and Functional Impairment 3/16/2012
Jennifer McGuire Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Central and Peripheral Biomarkers of Neurodegeneration Across the Spectrum of HAND 3/14/2012
Jiah Pearson-Leary U of Albany HIV Protease Inhibitors that Block Intrinsic Activity of Insulin-regulated Glucose Transporter-4: Is there a Role for Insulin Resistance in Neurobehavioral and Structural Temporal Lobe Deficits of HIV Patients? 1/25/2012
Tricia Burdo Boston College Elevated sCD163 is a Marker of Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV-infected Individuals on Effective ART. 11/23/2011
Ignacio Perez Valero UCSD Validation of the EACS Screening Tool to Predict HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders in the CHARTER Cohort 11/8/2011
Maria Ferrara UCSD Effect of Second Generation Antipsychotics (SGA) and Mood Stabilizers (MS) on Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) Components in HIV Positive People on Long-term Antiretroviral Therapy. 10/12/2011
Ignacio Perez Valero UCSD Factors Associated with Viral Escape in the CSF 10/11/2011
Kumud Singh UCSD Role of Complement Activation Pathway Gene Variations in HIV Related Neurocognitive Impairment 10/1/2011
Christina Marra Harborview Medical Center Neurocognitive Impairment in Incident Syphilis in CHARTER 9/15/2011
Derek Blechinger Harborview Medical Center HIV and Asymptomatic Neurosyphilis: A Closer Look 7/21/2011
Elizabeth Harlan Michelle JHU The Effect of Viral Load on Neurocognitive Outcomes in Neurocognitively Impaired HIV-infected Individuals 6/23/2011
Maiko Sakamoto UCSD Utility of the HIV Dementia Scale (HDS) and Adjunctive Biological Markers for Detecting HIV-associated Neurocognitive Impairment 6/6/2011
Nell Lurain/Alan Landay Rush University The Impact of Cytomegalovirus Reactivation on Neurocognitive Performance in People Living with HIV Disease 3/4/2011
Susumu Mori JHU Characterization of Anatomical Features of HAND Patients Using MRI/DTI Data 1/10/2011
Kaitlin Blackstone UCSD Sensitivity and Specificity of Self-report Versus Performance-based Measures of Everyday Functioning in Diagnosing HIV-related Neurocognitive Disorders 11/3/2010
Kaitlin Blackstone UCSD Deficit Scores Versus Clinical Ratings: Defining Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV 11/3/2010
Davey Smith UCSD A Multi-site Investigation into the Effect of HIV Clade on Neurocognitive Impairment 10/12/2010
John Keltner UCSD Structural Neuroimaging Correlates for Depression and HIV Neuropathy from the CHARTER cohort 7/18/2010
John Keltner UCSD Differential Multidimensional Clinical Outcomes in HIV Neuropathy in the CHARTER Cohort 7/18/2010
Edward Hammond JHU The Effects of Central Nervous System Penetration Effectiveness of HAART on Depression and CSF/Blood Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Persons Infected with HIV 6/24/2010
Cristian Achim UCSD Data Mining of the CHARTER 500 GWAS Results to Explore the Association between immunophilin Genes Polymorphisms and HAND 4/22/2010
Christine Fennema-Notestine UCSD Multi-Modal Imaging Signatures of Abnormal Tissue for Enhanced Characterization of HIV Neuropathogenesis 4/22/2010
Todd Hulgan Vanderbilt Mitochondrial-Nuclear Gene-Gene Interactions and HIV-associated Distal Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy in CHARTER 4/22/2010
Cinnamon Bloss Scripps Genome-Wide Association Analyses of Neurocognitive Phenotypes in HIV 4/8/2010
Doyle Patton Childrens Diagnostic & Treatment Ctr Medication Management Capacity, Neurocognitive Functioning and Antiretroviral Adherence in Adults with HIV Infection 3/11/2010
Asha Kalianpur Vanderbilt Iron-Regulatory Pathway Variation in Neurological Complications of HIV and HIV Therapy: Results from the CHARTER Genome-Wide Association Study 9/10/2009
Kamud Singh UCSD Mannose Binding Lectin in Neuroinflammation and NeuroAIDS 9/10/2009
Teresa Evering Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Ctr Phylogenetic and Functional Examination of CSF-derived HIV-1 8/27/2009
Joan Berman Albert Einstein The Role of Soluble CD40 Ligand (sCD40L) as a Predictor of HIV Dementia 8/17/2009
Ian Everall UCSD MDD/Candidate Genes 7/28/2009
Ian Everall UCSD MDD/Candidate Genes 7/28/2009
Erin Morgan UCSD Effect of APOE Genotype on Neurocognitive Impairment in HIV 6/25/2009
George Hightower UCSD Neutralizing Antibody and Cytotoxic T lymphocyte Responses Determining Compartmental HIV Evolution in Blood and CSF from Chronically Infected Individuals 6/11/2009
Christine Fennema-Notestine UCSD Comparison of Anatomical Labeling Methods for Subcortical Volumes in HIV: Methodological Study and Addition to the CHARTER Resource 2/26/2009
Jayraan Badiee UCSD Suicidality and Neuropsychological Impairment among HIV-Infected Persons 2/26/2009
Jessica Robinson-Papp MSSM Race, Ethnicity and HIV-associated Distal Sensory Polyneuropathy 12/11/2008
David Simpson MSSM The Effect of Enzyme-inducing Antiepileptic Agents on Patients Clinical Responses to NNRTI-containing Antiretroviral Regimens 12/11/2008
Sunhee Lee AECM Macrophage Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) During HIV infection 11/13/2008
Dana Gabuzda DFCI LPS and Monocyte Activation in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders 8/14/2008
David Moore UCSD Medication Adherence, ART Resistance, and Neuropsychological Impairment Among HIV-Infected Persons with Virologic Failure 6/26/2008
George Fein NRI Automated Delineation and Quantification of White Matter Signal Hyperintensities 4/24/2008
Linda McEvoy UCSD Neural Markers of Executive Dysfunction in HIV: Evidence from Magnetoencephalography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging 12/13/2007
Laura Baldassari JHU Oxidative Stress Markers in HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders and Stroke 12/13/2007
Paul Nyquist JHU Host Genetics, Neuropathy, and Dementia 1/11/2007
Ian Everall UCSD Gene Expression in Major Depressive Disorder 11/9/2006
Rachel Schrier UCSD Examination of CSF Cell Integrity 11/9/2006
Reuben Robbins MSSM Cultural and Neuropsychological Predictors of Medication Adherence Among HIV+ Hispanics 10/26/2006
David Clifford Wash U. Study of the Natural History of HIV/AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (Sun) 9/14/2006
Davey Smith UCSD Neuropsychological Impairment During Acute and Early HIV Infection 8/24/2006
Beau Ances UCSD Calibrated BOLD fMRI of HIV-associated Neurocognitive Impairment 8/24/2006
Brian Schweinsburg UCSD Diffusion Tensor Imaging 8/10/2006
Terry Jernigan UCSD Role of Evolving White Matter Damage in Neurocognitive Effects of HIV and HCV 3/9/2006
Reon Baird MSSM Quality of Education Substudy 3/9/2006
Bipasha Biswas Wash U Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence among Men and Women living with HIV/AIDS 2/23/2006
David Clifford Wash U Amyloid in HIV Associated Cognitive Disorders 1/12/2006
Justin McArthur/Adriana Andrade UW, JHU Effect of Neurocognitive Function, Depression, and Functional Status on Antiretroviral Medication Adherence 1/12/2006
Assawin Gongvatana UCSD Microstructural White Matter Integrity in HIV-infected Individuals in the HAART Era: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study 12/8/2005
Debra Henninger MSSM Ecological Validity of Neuropsychological Assessment: The Roles of Vocational Assessment and Employment in Aging HIV+ Adults 12/8/2005
Jeanne Huang UCSD Leptin and HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Impairment 12/8/2005
Anita Venkataramana JHU Relationship of the GDS and the HDS and IHDS 5/12/2005
Kirk Sperber MSSM Induction of Apoptosis by HIV-1 Infected Monocytic Cells 10/14/2004