HIV protease inhibitors and risk of peripheral neuropathy.

Type: Poster
Title: HIV protease inhibitors and risk of peripheral neuropathy.
Authors: Ellis R, Marquie-Beck J, Delaney P, Alexander T, Clifford D, McArthur J, Simpson D, Ake C, Collier A, Gelman B, and the CHARTER Group
Date: 02-05-2008
Abstract:CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS • PIs as a component of ART were associated with increased risk of DSPN in univariate but not in multivariate analysis, adjusting for well described confounders. • An elevated risk of DSPN with protease inhibitors may be mediated by other well described risk factors such as degree of immunosuppression and previous exposure to neurotoxic d-drugs. • The possible, small increase in neuropathy risk associated with use of some protease inhibitors must be weighed against the large benefits of protease inhibitors as components of antiretroviral regimens that successfully suppress HIV replication, restore immunity and reduce mortality and morbidity due to HIV. Supported by NIH grant: N01